On the Issues

Climate and Environment

Our climate is changing. We can see it right here in Montana in longer, more intense fire seasons, and the loss of ice in Glacier National Park each year. By making smart policy decisions, we can mitigate the effects of climate change on agriculture, the environment, and public lands, while protecting jobs and investing in new industries. In the Senate, Steve will work to invest in clean energy and create good-paying jobs in fields that address climate change.


We need to invest in tomorrow’s energy sources while protecting jobs and communities in Montana. Expansion of clean energy like solar and wind power, along with energy conservation efforts, can cut down on emissions by reducing energy usage. We need to continue to provide resources to the Montanans who have powered our coal industry for generations and can lead the way in the new clean energy economy.

Boosting investment in training and credentialing programs for workers can help grow the economies of communities undergoing transition. By working directly with farmers and ranchers–who are seeing the impacts of climate change on their own livelihoods–we can develop next-generation biofuels, improve soil health through better use of carbon-reducing cover crops, and restore forests and wetlands.


By working with state governments, unions, and the private sector, we can update our electric grid to modernize delivery, meet the needs of the 21st century, and support good-paying jobs. Investments in cutting-edge technologies can capture carbon for use in commercial products like cement while cutting pollution and creating jobs. Revitalized research efforts can help farmers and ranchers improve the environment, cut costs, and boost productivity at the same time. Incentivizing efficient infrastructure and home building will drive more efficient energy use, reduce pollution, and lower families’ utility bills.


As Governor, Steve established the Montana Climate Solutions Council and joined the U.S. Climate Alliance. His Energy Blueprint paved the way for expansion of clean energy in Montana, including a quadrupling of installed solar capacity and doubling of wind generation. As energy markets transition into cleaner forms of production, Steve secured funding to retrain Colstrip workers and help the community and families succeed. He signed a new law that gives workers in coal mines and plants first crack at new cleanup and reclamation jobs, including requirements for competitive wages.