On the Issues

Campaign Finance Reform

As Americans, we believe that everyone’s voice matters. But these days, the people and corporations with the biggest bank accounts are the ones who get to be heard. That’s why the toxic influence of money in politics has to stop, and it’s why Steve has spent his career fighting to end it.

We have serious challenges to tackle as a nation, but Washington has been so thoroughly corrupted by big money that hardly anything gets done. Washington, D.C. politicians hand out huge tax breaks to millionaires, while average Montanans get ignored and left behind. Out of state special interests pour unaccountable dark money into our elections and politicians stand aside and let it happen. As Americans, we pay more for health care than folks in other countries with little to show for it, thanks to the millions of dollars that Big Pharma and other corporations spend to influence our government.

But we can change all of this. With Steve Bullock in the Senate, we can make Washington work for us–not for millionaires, not for special interests, but for Montana.

We must make companies disclose every dollar they spend to influence our elections if they want to do business with the federal government. By passing the federal DISCLOSE Act, we can force secretive donors out into the open. And we can build the momentum we need to finally overturn the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision and ban unlimited, unaccountable spending in our elections.


As Attorney General, Steve took the fight against Citizens United all the way to the Supreme Court. When the Supreme Court ruled against Montana, Steve kept up the fight. As Governor, he passed the DISCLOSE Act, one of the strongest campaign finance disclosure laws in the country. He required any company contracting with the state to disclose expenditures it makes to influence elections, and he banned the use of foreign money in our state’s elections.