Bullock offers strong leadership

Originally published in The Independent Record.

When I cast my ballot this November, I will be voting for strong leaders who are willing to take on tough fights and who know how to win them. There’s no better example than Gov. Steve Bullock.

As dark money began to pour into our elections after the disastrous Citizens United decision, Bullock took his fight against it all the way to the Supreme Court, then brought Republicans and Democrats together to reduce dark money in our state elections.

When big corporate interests came after Montana workers, Bullock stood shoulder-to-shoulder with working folks to ensure they get the pay and protection they deserve. And every time misguided policies out of Washington, D.C. threatened our beautiful public lands, Bullock battled tooth-and-nail to keep them accessible to all of us.

Far too often, our elected officials are quick to cave to party leaders and special interests instead of standing up for the folks they are supposed to represent. I know that when we send Steve Bullock to the U.S. Senate, he will never back down from a fight — no matter how tough it is.